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 Evelyn and Tyler Sanders

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PostSubject: Evelyn and Tyler Sanders   Evelyn and Tyler Sanders I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 21, 2009 2:29 pm

Name: Evelyn Sanders

Played by: Ali Larter

Nicknames: Eve, Evie.

Age: 29

Subject: Biology

Bio: She fell in love with her husband, Riley, when she was 16. She got pregnant at 18 and had a son, Tyler. Riley died 4 months ago, after he was shot. Leaving her pregnant and with her son. She decided to moved to Rochdale to get a new start. She is 4 months pregnant.

Name: Tyler Sanders

Played by: Noah Grey Cabey

Nicknames: Ty, Tyster, Ty-Coon.

Age: 11

Year: 7

Best subjects: Art, English, PE.

Worse subjects: Maths, History.
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Evelyn and Tyler Sanders
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